1. Only duly registered participant who paid the entry fee can take part in the competition. Amount of the entry fee and payment options are listed in the section Registration.

  2. A competitor agrees with processing of his/her personal data by the organizer for the purposes of the competition, whereby such data will not be disclosed to third persons.

  3. A competitor agrees, without claiming a reward, that his/her submitted pictures can be used by the organizer and sponsors for promotion either through publishing in the press, media and posters or in e-form.

  4. The entry fee is not refundable.

  5. A competitor pledges to respect the verdict of the jury.

  6. Competitors who are family members of the organizer are not entitled to prizes.

  7. Only competitors who hand over 13 photographs in time defined by organizer will be evaluated.

  8. Competitor takes due note that to the competition will be classified first twelve consecutive pictures immediately after picture of registration number.

  9. In Digital category only photographs delivered in JPEG format will be evaluated.

  10. The organizer reserves the right to reject a competitor without giving a reason.