1. Photomarathon is a competition where competitors photographing 12 topics. They have to take 12 pictures in 6 hours. One picture per topic.

  2. The organizer is responsible for assigning the topics. Competitors do not know the topics in advance. They will be published only shortly before the start. All competitors will be given the same topics.

  3. Competition has two categories – 35 mm photography (Analog) and Digital Photography (Digital)

  4. Participant’s output is 13 photographs in appropriate order. The first photo in the sequence is legibly photographed registration number. The remaining 12 photos are pictures of listed topics.

  5. Participants of analog category will get standard 35 mm film from the organizer. Only the outputs on these films will be accepted.

  6. Participants of analog category can use disposable cameras provided by organizer.

  7. Participants of digital category have to use their own memory cards.

  8. Format of digital pictures is JPEG. Other formats will not be accepted.

  9. Computer manipulation in not allowed. Manipulated pictures will not be evaluated.

  10. Each participant can sigh in only one category.

  11. Only the outputs delivered in time will be evaluated.

  12. Outputs will be evaluated by a jury consisting of professionals.

  13. The results and names of winners will be published within 4 weeks after the competition and disclosed on this web page.

  14. Each category will have 5 winners who will receive attractive prizes.

  15. Evaluation criteria include:
    – giving a true picture of a topic
    – imagination and originality
    – technique.